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After you look around my web site, lets talk.
If you are local visit one of our seminars, then lets talk.
Get to know me through my weekly radio show, then lets talk.
Either way, lets talk, either in my office or yours, or by phone. No obligation, lets explore what programs are going to work best for you.

I am LaRoy D. Mack, Safe Money Expert; father, brother, son, husband, friend, basketball coach, and educator. If you only have one life, how will you live it to leave your legacy? I knew in my life I was eventually going to be done raising children. I began digging deeper so I could ready myself to ensure that I was able to raise good men. Sustaining pride always for my two sons Jordan 21 and Aidan 7, Daddy loves you!

All my pride and all my strength come from God and My Family appreciating prosperity every day.

Need Monthly Income Starting Now?

Need Monthly Income Starting Now?

Earn immediate monthly income through safe, no risk investments at fixed rates well above bank CDs.

Earn double digit returns through investments at variable rates with little to moderate risk.

Do You Have Assets to Shelter?

Do You Have Assets to Shelter?

We can help by sheltering assets, protecting them and producing income immediately.
Ask us how!

Are You a High Income Family?

Are You a High Income Family?

We can set up a custom package to provide income for your family, death and disability benefits, tax shelters and more. Call and together lets explore what will work for you.

Paying Too Much in Taxes?

Ask me about sheltering income from taxes.
We offer plans for wage earners, business owners, executives and investors.
All conform to IRS rules, and we provide tax documents needed to file with your 1040.
Ask us if a good tax planning strategy can save you enough money to fund your retirement investments, costing you little or nothing.

Are You a Business Owner?

Ask me about setting up an executive retention program for key employees.
Its a difficult subject, but lets talk about estate taxes and we can develop a plan for estate taxes to be paid for when your business and other assets transfer to your spouse and children.
We can also set up college funds for your children and grand children. Both the traditional college funds AND some unusual programs that combine tax savings and a high rate of return used by the top 1% income earners in this country.

Do You Want to Have a Plan For Your Retirement?

Lets talk about how much you will need each month to enjoy your retirement.
Ask me about traditional retirement plans, and what we offer that is better.
Lets explore tax benefits you can use today to create income after you retire.
Do you know what a Personal Pension is?

Would You Like to Leave a Legacy For Your Family?

Our life here is finite. It will end for all of us. But did you know you can continue to provide for your family for many years? Together you and I can set up a program that will:
Provide for the payment of estate taxes when your business or other assets transfer to your spouse, children or grandchildren.
Provide a college fund to help with education costs incurred in your absence.
Provide income for your children and grand children into adulthood.
Provide a source of income for your spouse because poverty isn't fun.

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